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Polish Law Firm

Updated on Tuesday 02nd December 2014


Our lawyers in Poland will assist our clients in all the procedures regarding the opening of Polish companies, counsel them in the Corporate Law matters and our accountants will provide them with the best tax advice in Poland.

Do you want to open a Company in Poland?

Our expert lawyers in Poland will guide you step-by-step with the guarantee of success and advantageous costs. You need to know that, In Poland, the procedure of incorporating a legal entity is made in several phases: drawing up the incorporating documents, opening a bank account, registration at the National Court Register for receiving an ID and registration with appropriate authorities, such as at the National Sanitary Inspection and the National Work Inspection. The entire procedure requires about one month. We welcome all our clients in need for more information related to how to open a company in Poland.

Need corporate legal counseling in Poland?

By choosing the services provided by our law firm you will benefit from the best advice in the legal field, as our experience recommends us for issues related to Business and Commercial Law in Poland.

Our Polish lawyers are specialized in mergers procedures as well as acquisition actions and due diligence in Poland.


We also offer our services for procedures of liquidation and dissolution of companies in Poland. Our law firms will take the responsibility for the entire procedure, following the regulations of the Freedom of Business Act and the Polish Act on Business Law.

Usually, a company is liquidated in Poland when it is no longer viable for the future projects or in cases it is involved in violation of law or bankruptcy. 

Have you encountered problems in debt collection?

We have the most advantageous way for recovering debts by accessing the services offered by our law firm in Poland. Our expert attorneys are able to handle the procedure of debt collection from amicable actions to litigation proceedings. Please contact us for more detailed information on debt collection procedure in Poland.

Need a tax lawyer?

We are able to offer our clients the best solutions for paying taxes in Poland as well as for more specific financial matters. Our experienced Polish tax lawyers, who work with accountants and business advisors, can provide professional services for taxes which must be paid by a company, including VAT registration in Poland and payroll services.  

Are you eligible for double tax exemption?

The law firm in Poland have all the information and know all the procedures for double tax exemptions, in accordance with the Polish double tax treaties - instruments used by the investors in their attempt to minimize the costs of running a business in other country from their own. 

Are you interested in opening a Holding Company?

Ask our experienced lawyers in Poland for customized support in order to speed the procedure and to avoid any difficulties that may be encountered. By working with our law firms we guarantee your success in optimal time and advantageous conditions when opening a holding company in Poland.

Investing in Poland

As one of Europe's most developed countries, Poland provides foreign investors with the opportunity of an easy access to the worlds’ biggest free market area. It became a fast-growing and very dynamic market due to the increasing number of investments, especially in the manufacturing industry. Its European Union member’s status, the 38 million consumers market and its position in central Europe facilitates the import and export activities, lowers goods transportation costs and insure a large and profitable marketplace. It also offers competitive labor costs for an educated and highly skilled employment market, industrial diversity and real possibilities for the development of new economic entities.

The Polish Government also established several Special Economic Zones meant to have a significant impact on the economic development of the country. There are 14 of these type of zones that offer entrepreneurs the opportunity of conducting their businesses in preferential terms and with very attractive tax benefits. Our law firm in Poland provides professional consultance in business and commercial law that will help our clients businesses with a smooth relation with the Polish authorities.



  • Nasir Mahmood 2015-01-23

    Hi I have travelled through europe many times some of my friends in europe told me that poland is a good place for investment kindly if possible can u provide me guidance how much minimum finace is required to open a company plus ur connsultacy charges , basically i m from Pakistan thanks

    Thank you for your comment Mr. Nasir Mahmood. We can help you start your company in Poland therefore you will receive shortly an e-mail from our team. For further questions please feel free to write us at office@lawyerspoland.eu

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