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Amendments to the Polish Construction Law

Written by: Editor

Amendments-to-the-Polish-Construction-Law.pngAn amendment to the Polish Construction Law aims to improve the investor’s legal status in this field. The legislative changes target the manner in which a construction design is approved and what constitutes a significant basis for approval for various construction projects. Investors in Poland who wish to open a construction business need to comply with the legal requirements in place in the construction sector.

A reinterpretation of the deviations from the construction design

The amendments brought to the Construction Law are beneficial for the investor in the sense that they will provide a more straightforward basis for interpreting subsequent deviations from the original construction design. For example, any changes to the height, length or width of an un-linear structure will no longer be considered significant deviations, provided that the said deviation does not exceed 2 percent of the initial dimensions. Other criteria may apply depending on the project. However, this is a positive change for investors in Poland or for contractors who can now avoid the unpleasant delays that would have resulted if a secondary approval was needed for the changes.
A more significant deviation from the construction design as well as other changes may be granted only after the decision to change the building permit has passed. One of our lawyers in Poland can give you detailed information on the requirements for building permits and other special licenses.

Construction investments in Poland

The Polish construction sector is a dynamic one where companies have various sizes and different prospects for future development. Investments are made in different segments of the construction market: foreign and local companies alike are important players in the market.
Investors need to obtain special permits and licenses when doing business in this field. One of our lawyers in Poland can give you more details regarding this aspect.
Our lawyers who specialize in construction law and related matters, like real estate transactions can help you with detailed information about legal matters and the investor’s statute in Poland.
You can contact our law firm in Poland for more information about our legal services and other areas in which we can provide legal aid.


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