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Central Bank Chief Highlights Poland’s Attractiveness to Investors

Written by: Editor

Poland’s Central Bank Chief, Adam Glapiński, believes that Poland is one of the top international destinations for investment. Among the strongest points, he mentions the stable democracy and the strong economic growth. Our Polish lawyers summarize the main reasons to invest in Poland and the advantages for foreign entrepreneurs in the country.

Poland’s advantages in the spotlight

In a recent interview for Polish Radio, the country’s Chief of the Central Bank highlighted the main factors that drive foreign investments in Poland. Adam Glapiński said that Poland “was one of the hottest destinations for investments internationally” and that foreign entrepreneurs appreciate the stability of the economy and that of the local currency, the zloty. 
The interview took place in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum, where investors who also gathered for the annual meeting displayed their interest in exploring the investment opportunities Poland has to offer, as Glapiński wished to point out. During the same interview, Poland’s Central Bank Chief also mentioned the fact that Poland is in no rush to adopt the Euro and that it will do so only after it bridges its income gap, compared to other countries in Western Europe. His statement confirms that of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 
International businesses and companies looking towards opening a branch in Poland are not influenced by the decision to postpone the adoption of the Euro. Our attorneys in Poland can give you more information on investments in the country.

Foreign investments in Poland

Poland has a pro-business and pro-foreign investment policy. FDI is a source of capital growth, one that creates jobs and that facilitates the exchange of technology and R&D. The Polish Government has improved the business climate over the years and foreign companies have unrestricted access in almost all business areas, with a more limited access for the acquisition of agricultural and forest land.
You can contact our law firm in Poland for complete information on investments in the country and the laws applicable to foreign entrepreneurs.


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