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Industrial Production and Trade Confidence Growth in Poland

Written by: Editor

Industrial-Production-and-Trade-Confidence-Growt-in-Poland.jpgThe beginning of 2017 marks an overall trade confidence growth in Poland, along with an industrial production increase. The data was released by the Polish Central Statistical Office and it refers to the months of January and February. Our lawyers in Poland detail these positive changes and are also able to provide investors with advice for doing business in the country in 2017.

Trade confidence boost in 2017 in Poland

The first two months of 2017 came with a trade confidence increase, especially among the wholesale and retail businesses in Poland. The Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) released a series of new data showing that the general trade indicators recorded an increase of 2.5 percent in January for the wholesale business and a 6.3 increase for the retail sector.
The data was collected after interviewing a number of business owners in Poland and 16.1 percent of the respondents believe that the wholesale segment is surely seeing signs of improvement. 

Industrial production in Poland

Industrial production was another segment that recorded a positive increase in January, based on a year-on-year assessment. The total growth was 9 percent compared to the same time last year. This value was larger than the one initially predicted.
This year-on-year growth in January comes after another rise of 2.3 percent in December 2016. Out of the segments in this business sector, the ones that rebounded were those related to the production of electricity, air conditioning, gas, and steam. Water supply and sewage waste management also took an increase. 
The industrial sector in Poland is well developed with Polish companies activating in sectors like manufacturing, utilities, and mining.
Foreign companies that want to invest in these business fields enjoy an open and large internal market as well as full foreign ownership.
To find out more about investing in Poland and the characteristics of various investment fields please contact our law firm in Poland. Our specialists are able to provide you with detailed information about the requirements for licensing and control in various areas.


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