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Poland will Extend its Special Economic Zone System

Written by: Editor

Poland-will-Extend-its-Special-Economic-Zone-System.jpgThe scope of the Polish Special Economic Zones will be expanded to a nationwide regime. The change was announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Development, who also clarified on the proposed measure, saying that the special zone incentives will be awarded based on an administrative decision. Investors in Poland are encouraged in these special investment areas and one of our Polish lawyers can give you more details on the current benefits.

Planned changes for the Polish Special Economic Zones

In an attempt to increase investment, the Polish Government means to expand the scope of the present Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Development announced that they intend to propose a real development in the regime currently implemented in these special areas. 
Under the new regime, the tax incentives which are currently only available in selected areas (the effective Special Economic Zones) would become available irrespective of the company’s location in Poland. This means that tax incentives would be granted according to an administrative decision, however, under some different criteria. The qualifications would become more complex, and they would include the size of the company and the type of investment, its location and the quality of the new jobs created (also according to the local unemployment rate in that area).
One of the experts at our Polish law firm can give you further information on how the law for special investment areas would change and the implications for your type of company in Poland.

The SEZ regime in Poland

Poland has a number of fourteen Special Economic Zones, distributed evenly in regions throughout the country. 
Because of the changes that are to be brought to the SEZ law, it is likely that no new permits for these areas will be issued until the legislative changes are complete and effective. Nevertheless, permits issues until the enforcement of the new law shall remain valid until 2026.
One of the attorneys at our law firm in Poland can help you open a company in the country and benefit from the applicable tax incentives and benefits. Contact us for more information and advice.


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