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US Investments in Poland Very Likely to Increase in Coming Years

Written by: Editor

US-Investments-in-Poland-Very-Likely-to-Increase-in-Coming-Years.jpgUS investments in Poland are likely to increase in coming years. The Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland has recently stated in an interview for a Polish news agency that the current value of investments from the US to Poland will increase because American companies have several business sectors to focus on in Poland. Foreign investors in Poland are welcomed and treated the same was as national entrepreneurs. One of our lawyers in Poland is able to provide you with elaborated details on the current regulations.

US investments in Poland

Poland is a country that has been the focus of US investors ever since the 1990s. The present value of American investments in Poland amounts to approximately 42 billion USD. In addition, specialists believe there is more to come.
In a recent interview, Tony Housh, the Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, stated that Poland is very likely to receive even more US investors in the coming years. He also pointed out that the main business sectors American investors are interested in are research and development projects, together with military modernization. 
Foreign investors in Poland are attracted by the fact that Poland has one of the largest economies in the EU (the sixth largest) and has good predictions for GDP growth in the coming years. 
One of our attorneys in Poland can give you exact examples on the laws for foreign investments in your area or business sector of interest.

Foreign investments in Poland

Foreign investors in Poland are treated the same way as local entrepreneurs. Special permits and licenses are needed in some business sectors like defence-related industries, mining, fuel or energy related-activities, telecommunications and aviation services. 
One of the experts at our law firm in Poland can give you more details on the taxation laws for foreign investors and related matters.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the legislation for foreign investments in Poland.


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