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EORI registration in Poland

EORI registration in Poland

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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What is EORI ?

Community Registration and Identification System Traders, known as the EORI system is one of the components created in the European Union for emerging electronic environment of duty under the e-Customs. Each EU Member State has developed its own EORI system, which is part of the EU EORI system. EORI system in Poland has been implemented by the Ministry of Finance in the Department of Customs Service for the Polish Administration Customs as one of the first projects of the E-Customs Program.


Why is needed the EORI registration in Poland

The main objective of the EORI system is to speed up formalities and customs operations by businesses and individuals engaged in business activities, involved in customs activities.

Businesses in Poland can apply for EORI registration in Poland and will receive a unique EORI number. Entrepreneurs are obliged to use the single recognized number, throughout the EU EORI number, in all transactions and activities of customs in the EU, at which the identification is required.

The creation of an European identification system which includes the participants in the exchange of goods throughout the EU, under the customs administrations of the Member States, offer current information about the entities involved in customs activities. Moreover, this EU system allows businesses' access to specific data on other entities (with the prior consent of those parties).


Obtaining an EORI number in Poland

The legal basis for the EORI registration in Poland are the EU customs on the EORI resulting from Commission Regulation No. TAXUD 1435/2007, Commission Regulation No. 312/2009 of 16 April 2009 amending Regulation No. 2454/93, laying down the provisions for the implementation of Council Regulation No. 2913/92, establishing the Community Customs Code.

The national regulations for EORI registration in Poland lay down in the regulation of the Minister of Finance dated June 5, 2009, amending the regulation on jurisdiction of the customs authorities and the regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 22 July 2011, on the model forms used in customs matters of registration in Poland.


EORI registration in Poland can be achieved:

  • - by submitting or sending an email registration request,
  • - personally by the applicant or by a representative of the applicant at the customs offices or branches in Poland,
  • - before the first customs operation or during this action.


The structure of EORI number in Poland

After the EORI registration in Poland, an EORI numbers issued, having the following structure:

  • - for domestic entities consist of: letters PL and VAT number supplemented by five zeros or, for entities with 14-digit number of the registration number, the last five characters of the Tax number,
  • - for third country operators consist of: letters PL and sequential, unique string of 14 digits with a "Z" at the end.


Contact our Polish lawyers for further information about the EORI number and EORI registration in Poland.


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