Forensic Accounting in Poland

Forensic Accounting in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 27th September 2016

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Forensic-Accounting-in-Poland.jpgMany companies use forensic accounting in Poland as a means of gathering evidence that could be later used in a court of law to provide adequate information about past financial activities. Forensic accounting is practiced in close connection with other good accounting practices, including having a solid accounting and financial transactions history, both in hard copy and in digital format.
A Polish law firm is able to provide you with a complete forensic investigation or forensic audit. Financial crime is punishable by law in Poland and you should take adequate steps to solve any existing problem as soon as you suspect any fraudulent behaviours or suspicious acts in your company in Poland.

Forensic accounting investigations in Poland

Forensic accounting is used in cases that involve commercial disputes or more serious cases involving financial crimes, bribery and corruption within the company. A forensic accounting investigation in Poland can include a number of elements and will mainly focus on those suspicious acts and behaviours that can be linked to financial crime. A forensic accountant will gather evidence, use standard accounting and auditing procedures and, if necessary, use eyewitness reports concerning fraud cases.
Company owners in Poland can implement a sound control mechanism and use the services offered by a Polish law firm to comply with the existing rules and regulations for financial reporting and handling commercial disputes.

Forensic accounting services in Poland

Common forensic services in Poland will include:
- forensic accounting reviews and forensic audits;
- corporate fraud;
- bribery and corruption;
- assets misappropriation;
- money laundering;
- insolvency and bankruptcy in Poland;
- intellectual property infringements;
Issues concerning commercial disputes, both general and specific, can also be aided by a complete forensic accounting investigation. Internal investigations may also be performed within the Polish company. Such investigations may reveal cases of corporate fraud but they can also only be reduced to cases of commercial and contractual disputes between entrepreneurs in Poland.
Our attorneys in Poland can provide more information about our commercial litigation services and the forensic accounting investigations we are able to provide. Please contact us for more details regarding dispute and litigation support.