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Immigration Legislation in Poland

Immigration Legislation in Poland

Updated on Monday 05th September 2016

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Immigration-legislation-in-PolandThe new Immigration Law in Poland

Poland has amended its immigration legislation at the end of 2013 in order to provide more advantageous conditions for foreign citizens moving to the country. The new law removes certain restrictions and also provides for improved proceedings for applying for residence and employment visas. As a novelty, the new Polish Immigration Law contains a provision meant to help foreign students of local universities to remain in the country after graduating. The new law was enabled in May 2014 and enables foreign citizens to apply for the residence and work permit at the same time. Holders of Polish employment permits are also granted a one-month grace period upon the expiration of the visa, time in which they are allowed to search for a new job. Polish residence permits also have a three-year validity period now.

The main ways of immigrating to Poland

At the moment there are three legal ways of relocating to Poland:

  • -          by finding a job with a Polish company;
  • -          by being admitted into a Polish university;
  • -          by setting up a company in Poland.

All three possibilities have advantages. However, one must take into accounts that obtaining employment and opening a company in Poland are also subject to several criteria. While employment requires certain qualifications, setting up a company requires, among other aspects, a minimum share capital.

According to governmental statistics, the most popular way of immigrating to Poland at the moment is by establishing a company. Our lawyers in Poland can provide you with more information on how to register a business in this country.

Residence and work permits in Poland

Most foreign citizens immigrating to Poland may apply for one of the following residence or work permits:

  • -          temporary residence visa;
  • -          permanent residence visa;
  • -          temporary work visa.

There are also exceptions for citizens of a few EU countries who do not require a work permit when moving to Poland. Also, after gaining a permanent residence permit and having lived in Poland for 5 consecutive years, foreigners are allowed to apply for citizenship.

If you want to relocate to Poland and need information about the documents required to apply for a visa, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. Our Polish lawyers can also support you through the whole visa application process

In case you are interested in immigrating to other European country, such as Netherlands, our Polish lawyers recommend you our Dutch partners who are specialists in immigration matters in the Netherlands and can help you move to this country as fast as possible. 



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