Investments Legislation in Poland

Investments Legislation in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 24th March 2020

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When doing business in Poland, foreign investors are treated according to the Economic Freedom Act. According to this document, the investment legislation in Poland does not discriminate against foreign investors: they are entitled to the same rights and obligations as Polish entrepreneurs, if they are EU or EEA residents. The legislation regarding foreign investments in Poland is slightly different for entrepreneurs outside of Europe.
Our lawyers in Poland can provide detailed information about the provisions of the Economic Freedom Act and the European Free Trade Agreement zones.
Foreign investors in Poland
Foreign individuals are either natural persons residing abroad, without Polish citizenship or legal persons with a registered office outside of Poland, having legal capacity. The Polish law related to foreign investments offers freedom to business activities. This ensures that both foreign and resident entrepreneurs enjoy the same rights for performing their chosen business activities.
The rules and regulations applicable to Polish citizens also apply to investors from other countries, like:
- the EU Member States;
- Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein; 
- countries outside the European Economic Area.
There are several forms of businesses in Poland, and each type of legal entity offers various advantages for entrepreneurs. The types of business structures in Poland include limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, branches or subsidiaries.
Our Polish lawyers can help you start a business in Poland and offer you information about special opportunities for investors in Poland, such as the Polish Special Economic Zones.
Regulations for investors in Poland
Foreign investors in Poland should know the specific rules and regulations applicable for employing and dismissing employees in Poland. The Polish Labor Code offers the guidelines needed to manage the relationship between the employer and the employee. Special provisions apply when employing foreigners in Poland.
Real estate purchase is possible for foreigners in Poland if they have a special permit for acquiring ownership. Other special permits and licenses in Poland are also required when operating in certain business sectors.
Our law firm in Poland is ready to offer assistance and counseling for foreign investors who want to open a business in Poland. Contact us if you want to invest in the Polish market.