Lawyers in Warsaw

Lawyers in Warsaw

Updated on Tuesday 04th August 2020

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Warsaw is Poland’s capital and also the country’s largest city. Many foreign investors chose to open a company in Warsaw because the city is an important economic center and an international tourist destination.
Our lawyers in Warsaw can help you with all the necessary details for company incorporation in Warsaw.

Open a business in Warsaw

Company law governs the establishment and functioning of companies in Poland. Investors choose the type of company they want to establish in Warsaw according to the available amount of capital, the number of partners and other criteria. 
Each type of company in Poland has advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration before establishing a business. The types of companies are:
- limited partnership;
- limited joint stock partnership;
- limited liability company;
- sole proprietorship;
- civil partnership;
- professional partnership;
- registered partnership.
After deciding to open a company, investors may choose to purchase and register a property in Poland.
Our Polish lawyers can help you draw up all the necessary documentation. Furthermore, we can offer you legal representation for any type of contracts concluded in Poland.
Investors can also register a trademark in Poland with the help of our Intellectual Property Law attorneys.

Managing a company in Poland

An important part in managing a business is the relationship with the employees. The employment law in Poland governs the relationship between the employer and the employee. 
Our accountants and tax lawyers in Warsaw can offer you the best business advice and solutions for tax planning in Poland.  

Special investments in Warsaw

Our law firm in Warsaw can offer you specialized counselling if you are interested in buying an existing company in Poland. Also, we can assist you during mergers and acquisition procedures in Poland.
Investors should know that Poland encourages foreign direct investment through its Special Economic Zones that offer advantages to entrepreneurs.
Our team of experienced Polish lawyers can respond to your requests and questions concerning legal aspects of Polish law. We offer complete legal services and legal advice.