Lawyers in Wroclaw

Lawyers in Wroclaw

Updated on Tuesday 04th August 2020

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Western Poland’s largest city, Wroclaw, is a developing hi-tech sector. Many foreign and domestic companies open offices in Wroclaw and the city is also home to important factories and development centers.
Because Wroclaw is located near Poland’s borders with Germany and the Czech Republic, it is a favorable location for businesses that handle imports and exports in Poland.
Our lawyers in Wroclaw are ready to assist foreign investors that want to open businesses here.

Company incorporation in Wroclaw

Investors that open a business in Wroclaw need to provide a minimum share capital that can be between 5000 PLN and 100,000 PLN, depending on the type of company. Any newly formed company in Poland needs to register at the National Court Register in order to receive a unique company number.
- sole proprietorship;
- limited liability company;
- civil partnership;
- registered partnership;
- limited partnership;
- limited joint-stock partnership; and 
- professional partnership.
The liabilities and obligations of business partners in Poland vary according to the characteristics of the company. Our Polish lawyers can provide detailed information about each type of company in Poland.

We can also assist investors who are interested in trademark registration in Poland.

Investing in Wroclaw

Poland is becoming more and more attractive for foreign investors. Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs have the option to either open a new company in Poland or take over an existing one. There are several reasonable advantages to consider when deciding to acquire a company in Poland, such as: beginning the activity right away and absorbing the experienced workforce. 
Our law firm in Wroclaw can help you benefit from special business advantages in Poland. One of the ways in which the Polish Government encourages foreign direct investment in Poland is by offering preferential advantages to businesses that are set up in the Special Economic Zones of Poland.
Contact us if you need more information about investment opportunities in Wroclaw. Our attorneys in Poland are ready to assist you with various legal services.