Legal Requirements for a Residence Permit in Poland - 2021 Updated Rules

Legal Requirements for a Residence Permit in Poland

Updated on Monday 08th March 2021

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Residence permits in Poland may be granted for a specific amount of time, if there are reasonable circumstances that justify staying in Poland for a period longer than 3 months. A European Union national staying in Poland for more than 3 months must register his or her stay or obtain a residence card.

Eligibility criteria for residence permits in 2021

European Union citizens have the right to request an extension of the 3 month period to stay in Poland if they meet one or more of the criteria below:
  • he or she is an employee or an entrepreneur;
  • he or she has a general medical insurance or is entitled to healthcare services;
  • he/she is s student or is taking a professional training course in Poland and is covered by a general medical insurance or is entitled to healthcare services.
  • he/she has sufficient financial resources to provide for both their own needs and the other family members in Poland;
  • his/her wife or husband is a Polish national.
Other family members include:
  • spouse;
  • children up to 21 years of age;
  • parents who are dependants of an EU national or his/her spouse.

Necessary documents

EU nationals that wish to apply for a residency permit in Poland in 2021 should submit the following documentation:
  • application (one original and three photocopies);
  • a copy of a valid travel document or another identification document;
  • confirmation for registering for temporary stay;
  • documents or written statements that the abovementioned conditions are observed.
In addition to the mentioned documents, employees, entrepreneurs, students, spouses and other family members must submit additional documentation.
Employees working in Poland or entrepreneurs must provide a written statement issued by the employer describing the intention to provide a work certificate and stipulate that the EU national will work for them; or a copy of entry into the National Court Register, if applicable.  
Students in 2021 must provide a certificate issued by the college, confirming admission, documents conforming medical insurance and a written statement or a certificate to confirm that the person has sufficient personal resources.
Spouses must submit documents that confirm the marriage with a Polish national.
Those interested in obtaining a residence permit in Poland should file the application personally, no later than the following day after the expiration of the three months period. The documents must be submitted at the Foreigners’ Affairs Unit of the Department of Nationals.
The main rules for obtaining a residence permit in Poland remain the same in 2021 in terms of necessary documents and the conditions to apply for the permit before arriving in the country and remaining for longer periods or engaging in an employment activity, perhaps. If you need more information on the pre- and post-arrival steps, as well as details on how we can assist if certain travel restrictions are in place, you can reach out to our team.
If you are an entrepreneur and wish to open a company in Poland, our attorneys can help you submit all of the necessary documentation in order to obtain the residence permit. Please contact us for more information regarding this matter.