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Legal Requirements for Obtaining a Work Permit in Poland

Legal Requirements for Obtaining a Work Permit in Poland

Updated on Friday 04th March 2016

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Legal_Requrements_for_Obtaining_a_Work_Permit_in_Poland.jpgForeigners need to obtain work permits in Poland if they intent do work in Poland for more than three months and they have a work contract concluded with an employer registered in Poland. The future employer must apply for a work permit for the employee. Residence permits are also necessary if the individual wishes to stay more than three months in the country.
Our lawyers in Poland can help you with detailed information about the Polish employment law.
Types of work permits for foreigners in Poland
There are five types of work permits available in Poland for foreigners who want to work in the country. The employee must bear in mind that his or her employer is the one responsible for obtaining the work permit. Work permits are issued at a regional level and have a limited duration, according to the type of work that is to be performed by the employee (seasonal or permanent work).
The main types of work permits in Poland are:
- Type A: the foreign employee is employed by a business entity incorporated in Poland;
- Type B: the foreigner stays in Poland for a specific amount of time to perform a function in a management board;
- Type C: the foreign employee is employed by a foreign employer and has been delegated to work at a branch or subsidiary in Poland for a period exceeding 30 days;
- Type D: the foreign employee is employed by a foreign employer that does not have a subsidiary or branch in Poland but the employee has been delegated to perform a temporary service in the country (usually export services);
- Type E: the foreign employee is employed by a foreign employer and has been delegated to Poland for a period longer than 3 months in the next 6 months of the calendar year, to perform other tasks than those described above.
How to apply for a work permit in Poland
The employer who wants to hire a foreign employee needs to submit the application for a work permit, together with the following documents:
- copies of the ID card or passport of the employee;
- documents from the National Court Register if the employee is a legal person;
- document proving the economic activity of the employer;
- a company deed, if the employer is a limited liability company;
- documents that prove that the foreigner meets the requirements for working on a specific position;
- copy of the employment contract that defines the employers obligations.
Certain fees for the issue of a work permit apply in Poland according to the type of work permit and the period for which the permit is requested. Our Polish lawyers can help you apply for a work permit in Poland.
Please contact our law firm in Poland if you need further information, such as the legal requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Poland. Also if you want to specialize in a particular area, such as management, finance or leadership, before coming to work in Poland, we recommend our partners from London Management Centre


  • Linus 2015-05-07

    I need help with establishing a polish company which can apply for work VISAs for Ukrainian citizens. Polish company will supply a swedish company with workforce. Something you can manage? Costs?

    Hello Linus and thank you for you comment. Please write us at office[at] with more details and we will reply shortly with a quotation for company incorporation in Poland.

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