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Legal Services in Poland

Legal Services in Poland

Updated on Thursday 24th November 2016

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Our Polish lawyers are ready to provide all our clients with legal advice and consultancy, regardles of their issue.

Company formation services in Poland

Our offer includes a complete package for establishment of a new company in Poland. We can help our clients choose from the different types of Polish structures, in order for their business to be created exactly as they please. Our offer will also include additional services, complementary to the incorporation such as company domiciliation, accounting services and many others.

Setting up a branch or subsidiary in Poland

Branches and subsidiaries in Poland are a fast way for international companies to enter the Polish market. Both these types of Polish structures are subordinated to their parent company; however the branch is not a separate legal entity, unlike the subsidiary. Our attorneys in Poland can offer you more details and in-depth information.

Obtaining licenses and legal permits for different types of businesses in Poland

We are here to provide our clients with assistance for obtaining all necessary legal documentation for the legitimate and smooth management of their business. Every company is different and licenses vary greatly from one area to another; however, our Polish law firm has prepared over times with a wide range of documentation, from permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire a Polish national and many others.

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

If you need an attorney to represent you throughout all the stages of a litigation process in Poland, please contact our Polish law firm and see how we can help you.

Mergers, Acquisitions and holding companies in Poland

Restructuration and purchasing shares in other Polish companies are activities that should always be done with the advice of a qualified lawyer since they usually represent transactions of high importance and impact over the corporate environment and the respective society. They must make sure their actions comply with all laws in effect at the moment of the procedure. If you will decide to rely on us, your business will benefit from the many years of expertise our cabinet has gathered and you can always rest assured to receive personalized consultancy for your merger or acquisition in Poland.

Liquidation and Dissolution of Polish Companies

When a business owner chooses to retire from his company in Poland, he must make sure all documents are in order and he follows all procedures established by the law. Our Polish lawyers can assist all types of clients with dissolution or bankruptcy procedures.

Tax Advice and Planning

The Polish Government established deductions and benefits for foreign investors choosing to open companies within the country. Having an accountant to advise over Polish taxation methods and legal minimization of corporate taxes will save the company owner a lot of money and time. We can provide all our clients with a personalized taxation plan.

We invite you to watch a short video about all of the legal services provided by our attorneys in Poland



  • Iuliia Bolshakova 2015-05-19

    Dear Sirs, Our client is interested to own a registred company with VAT in Poland. Could you please describe the procedure of documents formation, how long it takes and what is your final price for this service. Waiting foryour reply, Best regards, Iuliia Bolshakova 

    Hello Iulia and than you for contacting us. Please send us all details in private on office[at] 

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