Mail Forwarding Services in Poland

Mail Forwarding Services in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 10th December 2019

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Mail-Forwarding-Services-in-Poland.jpgMail forwarding services in Poland, also known as virtual offices, offer benefits that should be taken into account by all investors decided to start their businesses in Poland. In this way, the company will be able to use communication services without leasing or buying an actual office space. Our law firm in Poland can provide our clients with a complete package of services. 
We invite you to watch a video about mail forwarding and how your company can benefit: 



Why would you use a mail-forwarding service in Poland?

Mail forwarding services in Poland can help saving the entrepreneur’s time and money. It is not required to lease or buy a physical office and also exempts him from costs related to utilities, various taxes or employment expenses. It is also possible to use conference rooms with a professional and pleasant ambiance for various business meetings.
Mail forwarding services are like an efficient secretary handling all correspondence and telecommunications, therefore leaving more time for the entrepreneurs to focus on their businesses. Moreover, the promptitude of the service combined with a prestigious business address can help increase the credibility of the company and create a professional image for it.
This service implies low starting costs and therefore has a lower insolvency risk in case the company faces financial challenges

Who is this service suitable for?

The investors that should take advantage of the benefits offered by this service are startups and small business owners, regardless if they are resident or foreign companies. Also, in case the company is already registered in Poland but also needs a point of contact in another city, mail forwarding services are the fast and inexpensive alternative to branches and subsidiaries. If a foreign investor needs a simple method of maintaining communication with his business partners in Poland but not go through the whole company setup process, he should also consider the option of mail forwarding services.
Mail forwarding services offered by our lawyers in Poland.
We can provide the most suitable mail forwarding services in Poland for each client, due to our Polish law firm’s vast experience in company formation area. We offer a complete package containing:
1. The client’s mail will be collected and sent to him either by mail, fax or email;
2. We offer a registered office necessary for a Polish company establishment
3. Our clients will benefit from a prestigious business address in any major Polish city for correspondence;
4. A local phone number in Poland for all the clients ‘contacts;
5. Voice mailbox - All voice messages will be forwarded towards our clients by email.
6. Incoming and outgoing faxes: we insure a prompt fax collection and invoicing towards them, wherever they are;
Our law firm in Poland can also provide:
   1. Collection of bank statements;   
   2. The possibility to use our meeting rooms
   3. Call redirecting – we use a specialized technology that enables call redirection to the client’s primary number;
   4. Dedicated fax service with its own private and dedicated number;
Our clients can benefit from the joint expertise of local lawyers and international consultants. We can provide assistance in all stages of the incorporation and personalized consultancy for each business. Please contact our lawyers in Poland for further advice. Our team can also provide you with VAT registration services and assistance for obtaining an EORI number in Poland.