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Marriage Registration in Poland

Marriage Registration in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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If you want to get married in Poland you must be aware that like in any other country, you need proper documentation and registration. Marriage in Poland may be contracted in two methods: as a civil ceremony performed in the registry office or in a church.  In order for the marriage to be validated by the law, it needs to be registered in the registry office that issued a marriage certificate confirming the validity of the marriage. 
Legal age to getting married in Poland
In Poland, the legal age for getting married is 18 years old, but there are cases in which a person of 16 years old can get married, but only with judicial approval.
Poland recognizes traditional weddings
Poland recognizes the marriage ceremony performed according to tradition and religion. Such marriages can be recognized by the registered office in Poland without the need of having a separate civil marriage. This type of marriage in Poland is also known as concordat marriage.
Documents needed for getting married in Poland
For a couple to get married in Poland, specific documents are needed in order to validate the procedures, such as:
  • - Identity card or any other type of document that confirms the identity of the persons getting married. It is mandatory to include a picture
  • - A copy of the birth certificate (a translation in Polish language is necessary if one of the persons does not have a Polish birth certificate)
  • - A certificate that proves that the respective person has the legal right to get married (in case of a foreigner, the certificate must be issued from the country of residence and translated into Polish)
The last required document from the above list certifies that the person has the right to get married according to the country of residence. Such document is obtained from the competent authorities of the country of origin. If a foreigner cannot obtain such document, for example if the country of residece does not issue such type of documents, then the respective person has the right to submit a court permit that relieves him of this obligation. It can be obtained by a district court in non-litigious proceedings.
If you want to get married in Poland and you need more information regarding the marriage registration procedure, contact our Polish law firm and you will have access to accurate information. 
How to register a foreign marriage certificate in Poland
If a Polish citizen gets married in a foreign registry office, in order to register the marriage in Poland, the respective person must submit a statement regarding his or her surname, and an application requesting the marriage certificate to be registered in Poland, in the register of marriages. The statement is to be made in the presence of the Head of a register’s office in Poland, or in the presence of the Consul abroad.
Documents needed to obtain a transcript of the marriage certificate
- Application requesting the transcript
- An original copy of the marriage certificate
- A translation of the document in Polish language
- A statement regarding the surname used after the marriage
- Birth certificates of the couple
- A translation of the birth certificate
- A valid identification card (ID or passport)

Many couples, after the marriage, want to have children and some of them need certain treatments in order to have heirs. 



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    Аwesome! Its genuinely remarkable piece of writing, I have got much clear іdea regarding from this aгtiϲle.

    Thank you for your appreciation Jacquelyn. We will make sure to keep our readers up to date with the latest legal news in Poland.

  • Claire 2015-04-08

    Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know that what document needed for a foreigner to register marriage with a Polish in Poland? Best regards, Claire

    Hello Claire and thank you for your comment. Please feel free to write us at office[at] for personalized consultancy and we will make sure to reply as fast as possible.

  • Muazam 2015-05-29

    hallo , i live in germany and want to get married with a polish girl in poland, can you help me more in getting marriage, can you tell me that what is procedure how much money required and time , thannks i hope i will get proper information soon, thanks

    Hello and thank you for your comment Muazam. Please send us all details about your marriage registration inquiry in Poland via e-mail at office[at] and we will make sure to reply with a personalized quotation as soon as possible.

  • Pushpa Sisodia 2015-06-01

    Hello I am requesting information about marriage and any divorces about a person in Poland. I am wondering if you provide this service and how much it cost. Thanks pushpa

    Hello Pushpa Sisodia and thank you for commenting. Please feel free to e-mail us your divorce or marriage registration inquiry at office[at] and we will make sure to reply with a personalized quotation as soon as possible

  • Muazam Ali 2015-06-02

    hallo, i am from pakistan and i want to get married with a polish girl in poland, that is why i need your help to proceed my case, i have read that three documents are required 1-passport, 2-birth certificate, 3-unmarried certificate, my question is for unmarried certificate that i have un married certificate of one and half year old, is it acceptable or not, and how do we start this procedure and which city is best to marry, and how it wozld cost all and your fees also and how much time it would take, thanks i hope i will get positive answer soon, thanks

    Hello Muazam Ali  and thank you for your comment. Please contact us via e-mail at for a personalized consultation.

  • Anwar 2015-06-04

    Sir i want to know. can any body do marriage with polish woman through internet?

    Hello Anwar. No, marriage registration cannot be performed via Internet.

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