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Obtaining Visa for Poland

Obtaining Visa for Poland

Updated on Tuesday 12th April 2016

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An EU (since 2004) and Schengen (since 2007) member state, Poland has recently become a country with a substantial number of immigrants every year. Foreign citizens need to comply with some rules when wanting to travel to Poland, depending on the country they are from, their employment status and other aspects, and obtain a visa or a residence/work permit. For complete information and advice on visas in Poland, please contact our Polish law firm.

Countries that do not need a visa for Poland

  1. Nationals of EU and EEA (European Economic Area) states do not require a visa for entering Poland. Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Sweden, Portugal, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Ireland, are all examples of countries included on the list.  
  2. Citizens of non-EU and non-EEA countries like USA, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Monaco, Japan, Canada, Croatia, Andorra and a few others do not need a visa in order to enter Poland on the condition that their stay does not exceed 90 days. These countries, however, need a visa if their intention is to stay longer than three months or if they intend to take up employment in Poland. Our lawyers in Poland can help you with further details concerning entry requirements and residence in this country.

States that need visa in Poland and visa types

Citizens of Non-EU/EEA states that require a visa are allowed to apply for various types of visas. This depends on the purpose and period of time of your stay in Poland. There are short-term and long-term visas and the application process can take up to 30 days, even 60 in some situations. In special cases, an express visa can be issued, which takes 24 hours. You can seek counsel from our attorneys in Poland with regard to legal requirements and documents needed for obtaining a visa in Poland
The types of visas in Poland are:
  • - the Schengen C-type visa;
  • - the National D-type visa (for stays of more than three months);
  • - the Transit airport visa (only allows the holder to stay in the transit area of the airport).
There can be additional entry requirements, regardless of the nationality of the citizen, or if he travels to Poland with or without a visa. Also visas for citizens of Moldavia and Ukraine are free of charge. 
The visas are valid for different periods of time: the A-type is only for airport transit, the C-type is valid for stays shorter than three months in an 180 days period (extensions can be made at the passport office), the D-type is for long-stays and the work visas are valid for maximum a year.
Please contact our Polish lawyers if you are in need of assistance with your visa procedures.


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