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Open a Company in Poland

Open a Company in Poland

Updated on Monday 24th July 2017

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Poland: an interesting choice for investments

Poland is a country that is familiar to important changes and constant progress. The country managed to take the necessary steps to recover after the communist regime and nowadays has one of the largest markets in Europe and valuable economic potential. Business owners who want to open a company in Poland can choose the appropriate business form based on their needs. Moreover, businessmen who need legal services in Denmark or company incorporation services can receive assistance from our Danish partners. We also have partners in other countries, such as Norway, Montenegro or Slovenia
Our Polish law firm can offer you detailed information about companies and partnerships in Poland or branches and subsidiaries for foreign companies who want to open offices here.


 Types of companies in Poland

The Polish limited liability company is founded by at least one member and requires a minimum share capital of 5000 PLN. This form of business is popular due to the liability of its members, the accessible share capital and that fact that it can start concluding contracts of perform other commercial actions in a short amount of time. The name of the company must be followed by the termination “Sp. z.o.o.” The shares of such a company can be freely traded on the market and must have a nominal value of at least 50 PLN. A limited liability company in Poland must have an executive board, a board of directors. The board of directors is compulsory when the company has an initial capital of more than 500,000 PLN and more than 25 shareholders. 

The Polish joint stock company is generally preferred by large businesses and can have one or more founders.  The minimum share capital for this form of business is 100,000 PLN, out of which 25% must be paid up at the time of the incorporation. The company can be listed on the Stock Exchange and the minimum nominal value of each share must be 0.01 PLN. The management bodies of a Polish joint stock company are the executive board and the board of directors.
The types of partnerships that can be formed in Poland are: the general partnership, the limited partnership, the limited liability partnership and the limited joint stock partnership. 
The general partnership has no legal personality and is preferred by small businesses as it does not require a minimum capital for incorporation. It requires the presence of at least two entities or partners. The partners are fully liable for their obligations up to the full value of their assets. The limited partnership can be formed by at least two founders or between two different types of entities (a natural and a legal person). The limited partnership bears full liability for its actions.
The limited liability partnership can be set up only by individuals who have obtained the right to practice a freelance profession, like physicians, architects, lawyers or accountants. It does not have legal personality and does not require a minimum share capital. The limited joint stock partnership combines an active partner (the general partner) and a shareholder, or passive partner. The minimum share capital for this type pf partnership is 50,000 PLN.
Our attorneys in Poland can help you with additional information about each type of company or partnership in Poland. Apart from these business forms, foreign investors in Poland can choose to set up a sole trader or a branch or subsidiary.

The steps for incorporating a company in Poland

The company incorporation procedure varies according to the type of company, however, the procedure can generally be completed within one month. The first step is to draw up the incorporating documents, the articles of association and the deed of association and notarize them. Notary fees may vary across Poland.
Business owners must open a separate bank account for their company and must deposit the minimum share capital. The newly created company must be registered at the National Court Register, after which it will receive a company ID, the EGON number, the NIP and statistical number. During this time, the company also needs to perform the VAT registration.
Our law firm in Poland provides complete company incorporation services. Please contact our attorneys in Poland if you want to know more about opening a business


  • Dawyd 2014-12-18

    Dear Sir Can you send us an quotation price for ready or new company in POLAND with account bank Can we do all by POA or must be present there in WARSAW ? Thanks

    Thank you for your comment Mr. Dawyd. We can help you start your company in Poland therefore you will receive shortly an e-mail from our team. For further questions please feel free to write us at

  • Elaine 2014-12-24

    Hello, This is Elaine from China, we wanna know some detail information about registering a company in Poland. Can you pls advise the detail information about the procedure of your company registration service? We would like to know the whole price of this service, and what's included in the service. Hope to hear from your side ASAP. Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for your comment Mrs. Elaine. We can help you start your company in Poland therefore you will receive shortly an e-mail from our team. For further questions please feel free to write us at

  • Naren 2015-02-20

    Hi, we are an IT consulting and Staffing business based in London, UK. We are looking to open a company in Poland with same name as we are going to close a deal with a client and they prefer a local presence. May I know if you can help me with it? If so, appreciate if you could let me know fee etc. Many Thanks, Naren.

    Hello Naren and thank you for contating us. We will reply in private.

  • Dawyd 2015-02-26

    dear sir can send us an quotation for 1 , 2 at 5 new company to open in Poland with POA and acc bank david

    Hello Dawyd and thank you for contacting us. We will reply in private.

  • Paul 2015-03-11

    Hi LawyersPoland, My name is Paul, an Indian living an working in Krakow. I have been doing some work for a company, and they require me to write them an invoice so i can get paid. In order to write an invoice i need to be registered as a company. Can you tell me how i go about doing this? How can I setup myslef as a company? Please let me know soonest. Thanks, Regards, Paul Krakow

    Hello Paul and thank you for writting to us. We believe the most suitable form of busines for your needs is a sole trader but please feel free to contact us via e-mail at office[at] for perosnalized consultancy and assitance with the registration of your company.

  • Mohamed 2015-05-26

    Dear Sirs, I am Mohamed Sahloul I am polish citizen and want to register a company in poland with an Egyptian can you please tell what I have to do for that Many thanks

    Hello Mohamed and thank you for your e-mail, we will reply in private.

  • Salman Siddiqui 2015-06-09

    We are education consultants in Pakistan. For 16 years we are consulting and helping students for the provision of student’s visas in Australia, United Kingdom and Malaysia. Due to the increasing interest of Pakistani people in opening company in Poland I was researching various companies that offer legal framework .In the meanwhile I found you. I am contacting you because I want your collaboration in Poland company formation. I need authorization for this purpose please send me your present business trend so that I can make feasibility and act accordingly.

    Hello Salman Siddiqui and than you for your message. We will replay in private with a quotation.

  • David 2015-06-22

    Dear Sir We need for our clients to incorporate company in POLAND With account bank , vat number ? Can you supply ? Which price ? Thanks

    Thank you for your message David, we will reply in private.

  • Imtiaz Mukhtar 2015-10-26

    I want register sole trader company in poland send me all detail and info thanks

    Hello Imtiaz Mukhtar and thank you for writing to us. We kindly ask you to send us a detailed e-mail with your request at: office(at) We will answer you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!

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