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Opening a Business in Poland

Opening a Business in Poland

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Why Poland?

There are many advantages for investors who are looking towards opening a business in Poland. The country is one of the most attractive investment locations in the center of Europe and it is also one of the few countries that has retained its stability throughout the economic crisis.
Poland offers a great geographical location, good workforce, a wide range of business incentives and numerous opportunities for investments. The most important government aids are granted to foreign investors who concentrate their activities in the research and development field, environmental protection, renewable energy, renewable energy. Training, logistics and other business sectors. Tax exemptions are granted for companies based in the Special Economic Zones

Attractive business opportunities in Poland

Many international companies have already opened branches in Poland and many foreign investors are considering developing a new business in the country. Some of the Polish business sectors that enjoy favorable development include:
- the automotive and aviation sectors;
- the electronics sector;
- the energy sector;
- the food industry
- the IT sector;
- the research and development sector.
Poland’s location in Europe is one of the country’s greatest advantages. Investors have easy access to the European market and the country has maintained long-lasting business relationships with some of the most important countries in the EU, like France or the UK.
Many companies engage in import and export activities because of the country’s favourable geographical location. Alternatively, those who want to invest in the food sector can purchase agricultural land in Poland.

Types of companies in Poland

There are several types of companies that can be incorporated in Poland. Investors can choose between them based on the type of business they wish to engage in and the future development planned for the company. Investors can choose between:
- the limited liability company and the joint-stock company;
- various types of partnerships;
- branches or representative offices for foreign companies;
- sole proprietorships.
Our Polish law firm offers company incorporation services and our attorneys can help you choose the right type of company, according to your business goals. A minimum share capital is mandatory for certain types of businesses but investors can also set up companies that require lower start-up costs.
Holding companies in Poland can benefit from certain incentives and tax reductions. The same is applicable for branches and subsidiaries of EU companies that benefit from the provisions of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive.
The company registration process in Poland is straightforward. Each company will need to be registered and obtain a special REGON and NIP identification number as well as register for VAT, depending on the business activities it performs.

Running a business in Poland

After the business registration process is complete and the company can perform economic activities, investors can consider hiring personnel in Poland. Entrepreneurs have various options when recruiting suitable candidates: they can request the specialized services of a recruitment agency or simply publish a job vacancy announcement on a dedicated website.
Individuals will require a work permit in Poland and the employer will need to make sure that the company observes the requirements for minimum wages and also the employee’s rights for leave, holidays and special benefits. 
Our law firm in Poland can offer you specific details about the employment law in the country.
Our attorneys in Poland have a wide experience in Business and Commercial Law. Please contact us in order to benefit from personalized legal services.


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