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Opening a Travel Agency in Poland

Opening a Travel Agency in Poland

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Poland offers many natural beauties and historic sights to the curious traveller. The country endured a somewhat tumultuous past and traces of past events are now touristic destinations, such as the former Auschwitz concentration camp.
The country’s history and the pristine beauty of its many scenic landscapes are excellent starting points for investors who want to open a travel agency in Poland. The Polish Special Economic Zones offer special business incentives and the country is generally very friendly with foreign investors and welcomes them. Our Polish lawyers can walk you through the most important aspects regarding company incorporation in Poland.
Travel businesses in Poland
Like any business in Poland, travel agencies must start by registering their name, choosing their preferred type of legal entity and making all other necessary arrangements for incorporation. Trademarks in Poland can be registered and even reserved and conflicting trademarks can be opposed. This is a necessary step when opening a company to ensure that your travel agency can be distinguished from other travel agencies or Polish tour operators on the market.
Special permits and licenses may be needed for operating a travel agency in Poland. Our Polish lawyers can help you obtain these permits according to the size of your company and the provided services. According to company law, all Polish legal entities must observe the taxation rules in Poland and must be registered for VAT.
Travel services in Poland
When opening a travel agency in Poland, the client’s needs must be the most important guideline for creating specific travel packages and offers. Poland has many travel agencies and tour operators and the uniqueness and quality of their services can be a deciding factor when clients choose between two competing agencies.
Travel agencies provide various services that include airline ticket purchase, hotel and resort reservations, creating cruise packages, special holiday packages or specific exotic destinations packages. Counselling and advice is also needed when communicating with customers and guiding them to their dream vacation.
Our law firm in Poland can provide professional legal services and ensure that your business runs smoothly. If you want to invest in Poland, please contact our Polish lawyers for complete information about the Polish market. 


  • Dimitar Iliev 2015-01-20

    Hello we are looking to open travel agency in Poland and we are interested in what exactly are the procedures to start such a business there, permits, licenses and insurance.

    Hello and thank you for your comment Mr. Dimitar Iliev. We can help you open your travel agency in Poland therefore you will receive shortly an e-mail from our team. For further questions please feel free to write us at

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