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Purchase a Polish Company

Purchase a Polish Company

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Investing in Poland

Foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in Poland have the option of choosing to buy an existing company rather than set up a new legal entity. The reasons behind this choice are mainly related to the shorter amount of time in which an investor can actually see the profits of a new investment. While a newly formed company has certain advantages, like bringing a new name and services to the market, there are some aspects that may convince investors to buy a ready-made company.

Advantages of purchasing an existing company in Poland

Entrepreneurs that wish to invest in Poland may choose between companies or partnerships, according to their needs. The main types of companies available in Poland are:

·         Corporations

  • -       Limited liability companies
  • -       Joint-stock companies

·         Partnerships

  • -       General partnerships
  • -       Limited liability partnerships
  • -       Limited partnership
  • -       Limited joint-stock partnership

The most common types of business activities in Poland are the limited liability company and the general partnership.

Foreign investors who choose to buy a ready-made company in Poland (Shelf Company) can save time and money needed to set-up a new company.

Another advantage of purchasing an already existing company in Poland is absorbing the workforce. The investor can choose to keep all or part of the employees working for the company, therefore there will be no need to invest in personnel recruitment and training. This will ensure that the business is ready to begin its activity immediately.


The Legal process in Poland

Although the amount of time spent for the legal procedures is reduced when purchasing an existing Polish company, foreign investors should know that there are still some important steps to follow in the buying process.

The changes in the company structure will have to be registered with the Polish Trade Registry. Formal registrations of the new management board will also need to be made and the Articles of Association will need to be updated. The new shareholder can also bring additional changes, such as a new company name or new objects of activity.


Our Polish lawyers can offer more information about purchasing a company in Poland and assist you throughout the legal process.




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