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Resolve Shareholder Disputes in Poland

Resolve Shareholder Disputes in Poland

Updated on Friday 04th August 2017

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Resolve-Shareholder-Disputes-in-Poland.jpgShareholder disputes can be caused by a multitude of scenarios and circumstances. They can include a breach of the existing fiduciary duties, a prejudice brought upon the minority shareholders, shareholders’ agreement breaches or a conflict of interest. 
In order to resolve shareholder disputes in Poland, the parties will need to request legal aid or the services of an arbitrator or mediator. The experts at our law firm in Poland have considerable experience in handling shareholder disputes and can advise you on the most suitable manner of handling these types of cases.

Shareholder rights in Poland

Shareholders in Poland are entitled to a series of rights, according to the types of shares they own and the type of company they invested in. In general, they have corporate rights and property rights.
Polish shareholders can participate in the general meeting can vote and can challenge the resolutions proposed by other shareholders. They are entitled to collecting dividends and to dispose of their shares and/or to acquire more shares. Also, in the event of liquidation, they are entitled to be awarded a percentage of the assets.
It is possible to have additional rights in a private limited liability company or a joint stock company in Poland of they own preference shares or if they have personal rights that have been granted to them.
Shareholder disputes in Poland arise from a breach of duty, if they no longer share the same vision for the evolution of the company or if their rights are not granted. One of our attorneys in Poland can also give you more information on shareholder liability and how these disputes can be settled. 

Solving shareholder disputes in a Polish company

An important step for preventing shareholder disputes is drafting agreements and partnership agreements that will reduce the potential for conflict or will establish a basis for negotiation. When a disagreement does arrive, a first step is trying to handle the matter through mediation and trying to find an amicable solution, whenever possible. 
Disputes between shareholders in Poland can be handled through litigation or arbitration. One of our Polish lawyers can help you with shareholders’ agreement disputes and can provide legal representation. 
Contact our Polish law firm for more information on how we can assist you in shareholder disputes.


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