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Special Permits and Licenses in Poland

Special Permits and Licenses in Poland

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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The Polish market is attractive for many foreign investors. However, entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Poland need to know that the Polish Government has introduced special business concessions (licenses) or business permits
Polish business concessions
A concession is granted by the state to a legal entity to conduct certain economic activities covered by exclusivity of state. There are several business sectors in Poland considered important for public security that require business concessions:
- manufacturing, processing, storing and distributing fuels and energy;
- producing and trading explosives, arms and ammunition as well as products and technology for military purposes;
- prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, extracting minerals, underground mining excavations;
- air services and air transport;
- protection of persons and property;
- radio and television programs broadcasting;
- railroads management and operating rail transport.
Our lawyers in Poland can give you complete information about the economic sectors in which concessions are required for both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs.
Business permits in Poland
According to Polish law, companies in Poland are required to obtain a permit to perform a business activity in a certain business sector. Article 75 of the Polish Economic Freedom Act contains the business activities that require special permits in Poland. They are:
- gambling;
- road transportation;
- fishing;
- telecommunications;
- pharmaceuticals;
- animal experiments;
- insurance activities and insurance mediation;
- the creation and operation of large commercial buildings.
Special conditions apply to businesses that operate in the Polish Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Special permits are also required when doing business in the banking sector or trading financial instruments. Our Polish lawyers can offer you more information about specific business sectors in which permits are mandatory.
Unlike permits, concessions in Poland are granted discretionary, meaning that the competent authority may refuse to grant a concession if it is considered that certain interests of the State are threatened (the security of the State). Special permits in Poland are granted if the applicant conforms to the specific regulations. 
If you want to know more about the Polish company law or if you are interested in additional information about the Polish commercial law, please contact our law firm in Poland.


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