The Minimum Share Capital in Poland

The Minimum Share Capital in Poland

Updated on Friday 11th September 2015

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Poland offers several options for entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the country. According to their needs, investors can open eight types of Polish companies: sole proprietorship, limited liability company, joint-stock company, civil partnership, registered partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership or a professional partnership.
Each type of company in Poland has its own particularities and come companies require a minimum share capital. Our lawyers in Poland can provide complete information about each type of company, its advantages and disadvantages.
Companies with minimum share capital in Poland
According to the Polish company law, out of the numerous types of companies that can be incorporated in Poland, the ones which require a minimum share capital are the Polish limited liability company, the Polish joint-stock company and the Polish limited joint-stock partnership.
The limited liability company must have a minimum share capital of 5,000 PLN (approximately 1,200 EUR). A Supervisory Board is not mandatory in a limited liability company unless the share capital of the company exceeds 500,000 PLN (approximately 120,000 EUR) and the company has more than 25 shareholders. The nominal value of a share for a limited liability company cannot be lower than 50 PLN (approximately 12 EUR). The share may have an equal or unequal nominal value. The entire share capital must be paid before registering a limited liability company in Poland.
The joint-stock company must have a share capital or at least 100,000 PLN (approximately 24,000 EUR) and the capital is divided into shares of equal nominal value. The minimum nominal value of one share must be at least 0,01 PLN. At least 1/4 of the share capital must be paid before the joint-stock company is registered.
The minimum share capital for a limited joint-stock partnership is at least 50,000 PLN (approximately 12,000 EUR). 
Our Polish lawyers can offer you more details about special legal provisions regarding the minimum share capital of Polish companies.
Other provisions for companies in Poland
According to the type of company, the shareholders may be liable according to the share capital invested in the company. The authorized capital for a Polish joint-stock company cannot be larger than ¾ of the nominal share capital. No special provisions apply for the authorized capital of a Polish limited liability company.
The share capital can be increased for limited liability companies and joint-stock companies in Poland according to special provisions stipulated in the company’s Articles of Association (for limited liability companies) or by a resolution made by the shareholders or by the management board (for joint-stock companies).
Our law firm in Poland can help you open a company in Poland and provide you complete company management services.